Harmony Piano Studio

I have been teaching the Simply Music piano method for 9 years. This program is a joy to teach and it produces such remarkable results! Learning to play is fun and enjoyable. I taught Kindermusik for children ages birth to 7 years for 25 years and before that I was a Montessori teacher. I grew up in a musical family and music has been a big part of my life - playing and singing. 

Music has been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on the brain. I am passionate about these benefits for all ages. Recent research shows that music can reduce pain, relieve stress, improve memory, and aid in spatial intelligence.  In the book The Power of Music, Elena Mannes says, “Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.” 

"Our son has made tremendous progress in just a few weeks.  He plays quite advanced songs with both hands and, most important, he looks forward to practicing and even just plays on his own for fun without us having to make him.  And the bonus is that my husband and I are learning everything along with him so it’s “3 for the price of 1.”  (Veronica, Mother of Oliver)

I also teach the new Simply Music Gateway Program for children with special needs.  

"Pat Murray and the Simply Music Program are a pair made in heaven. With Pat's 25 years of experience teaching Kindermusik, her love for children and parents and an innovative approach to music for those who have special needs, I cannot imagine a better fit for our child. Our daughter, who has Down Syndrome, is eager for music lessons and willingly goes to the piano to practice on her own. Within one year she is now playing and reading basic chords - a milestone accomplishment! As the parent, I am also learning to read music in a way that I wasn't able to with my other children. Pat will go as fast or as slow as the child needs and this is a great blessing. I encourage parents to check out the Simply Music Program - it is wonderful even if you don't have special needs! Thank you, Pat!" 

(Lisa, Mother of Veronica)